E-Mail Issue

Hi All,

Recently our company name got changed. Now I have to send mail to all the vendors(almost 2000 active vendors) intimating them regarding change of address. How to do this in Ax 2009. I know how to trigger the mail in AX. I want to know that…

  1. Can i add all the vendor email address in bcc. If yes , is the any limit or not.

  2. I want to check whether they received the mail or not.

Please help…

I think you can use the “Campaigns” functionality in the CRM module. Just by creating a new campaign and in the “Target” add all the vendors to the target and distribute it.

  1. If you use the campaign process, it by default adds the mail addresses as bcc and of course there wont be any limit.

2)I guess, undelivered mails will reach to your inbox stating “Delivery failure”.