"E-mail import into Navision"

I am using NAV 2009R2 Classic Client and I want to import my e-mails from Outlook in Navision.
I know of some tools that can import them to a contact, but I want to store them against my Jobs.

It would be perfect if this system recognizes the jobnumbers.

Does anyone know of such a tool?

Hi Lossez E.

You might want to check out Outlook E-mail Handler on our website www.vssolutions.nl, or on YouTube: https://youtu.be/5x52J60uNCY

We have created a solution where you can import e-mails from Outlook and link them automatically to a Contact or Job. So if you work with Jobs, and the jobnumber is in the subject, NAV i able to link an e-mail to a job
Attachments are stored seperately and can be opened in NAV or sent by e-mail.
And… it works in your version of NAV

Feel free to contact me for more details