E-commerce through Navision 4.0

We are currently running Nav 2.0 and upgrading to 4.0. Does anyone have any experience with running e-commerce through a website pass through to Navision. Does anyone have any experience with this? Also our var was bought by another var. The new var has no experience with Nav and ecommerce, only with Great Plains. Any ideas? Thanks John Friedman

Sure…there’s tons of examples of this. The question is really what do you want to do? Are you looking for “real time” integration or is periodic updates ok? Are you looking at simply having orders sent from the website to Navision or would you also like to have information passed the other way as well? There are existing products that Navision has put out like Commerce Portal, Employee Portal, and Commerce Gateway that are certainly enablers to accomplishing your goals. I’ve seen all types of integrations with these to enable “E-Commerce”…whatever that is really defined as. There are also many 3rd party products that are built to integrate with Navision as well as other ERP products to allow E-Commerce. The key to me here is that you have needs that your current VAR cannot help you with. This is a flag if I’ve ever seen one. I’d first identify what exactly your organization wants to do with your business and then find a partner that can help facilitate this.

Thank you, Bill. I guess we need to flesh out our needs in more detail and then go on a search for a capable vendor. I appreciate your response. John F