DynamicsUser.net upgraded!

Dear members,

This morning I have been upgrading DynamicsUser.net by applying the latest service pack from Telligent (Community Server 2008.5 SP2).

As you might have seen then this caused that the site was unavailable (down) for almost three hours today. That was not planned! It was simply me who was doing something wrong (forgot to change some permissions).

But now we are back. That is I still see an error where some of the users Avatars are not shown. I hope to fix this asap.

If something like this happens again, then be sure to follow us on Twitter, where the changes has been announced: http://twitter.com/dynamicsusers

Now the avatar problems also seems to have been fixed. But please let me know if you find any problems.

The upgrade didn’t add any major new functions, but fixed a number of errors.

If you want to see the full list then please check here: