dynamicsuser.net online

Dear members,

Now the new site is online!

The new website is based upon the Community Server. This award winning platform for rapidly enabling online communities has all the integrated tools, such as: discussion forums, weblogs (blogs), photo galleries, file galleries, search, RSS tools, content management, advanced user permissions and more! Not everything will be enabled in our community right away.

Currently you will not find any converted data or old postings, but I’m still working on that. Instead you will be able to search in the old forums, where I soon will change all forums to read-only. Also you will have to create your user profile once again.

The new forum has so many new features as it simply was close to impossible to convert. I hope that you will enjoy the forum and please let me know if you are looking for something you cannot find here.

You find the new site here: http://dynamicsuser.net

So will we lose our “status” when creating new users ? Or will we get our number of posts and all other stuff back when you have finished moving the forum topics ?

It will be good to keep both - statistics from this site and new statistics for new sites… :slight_smile:

Yes you will all “start from a scratz”. The member post numbers will not be updated in the new system, even when I get the post transfered. So you all have the chance to be the top posters…

Hi Erik I have created my new profile and for the sake of originality chosen the same uername. If you want me to remain as moderator of the forums I am happy to do so, or if you are opening it up to all who want a go I am happy to let new blood moderate! Just let me know. By the way it looks good and congratulations on all the effort and hard work it must have taken. Steve

I am ready to help too… :slight_smile:

What about this?? http://dynamicsusers.org/forums/21/ShowThread.aspx#21 It is a lot of work, but if people want it, then I will do it.

Hi guyz nice site, I have linked it back from mine. One suggestion is that, you change to banner on the Default.asp and the Active Topics pages on this forum, to tell people about the change over, my settings takes me straight to Default or Active Topics, so i do not see the front page. [:D]

Dave that’s a good suggestion. The only problem is that basically everyone goes to a site differently, (not just here, but anywhere over the internet), so the question is where to put the messages. I think its going to take a month to move everyone across, and evern in 3-4 months we will have old users checking in, so I guess the message needs to be on every page. Probably Erik will need to change the main logo at the top of the page to redirect.


What about this?? http://dynamicsusers.org/forums/21/ShowThread.aspx#21 It is a lot of work, but if people want it, then I will do it.
Originally posted by David Singleton - 2006 May 19 : 03:21:36

That doesn’t give me anything. I’m sure it was a lot of work David, but it says “forum not found” :slight_smile:

Hi The entire site of dynamicsuses.org had to be reloaded so everything was lost, this is probably the reason!

THat thread was basically me explaining the proicess of moving users and threads from MBSOnline ot dynamicsusers, which is not an easy task. The data lost fom the resetting of the dynamics users database, was really very little. THere were only about 10 threads outside of testing and breakspace and errors, so it made no sense for Erik to invest a week to recover that data. But the MBSonline data is important, and we will work to get it across.