DynamicsCon - RSAT (Regression Suite Automation Tool) follow up session

Let’s continue our discussion here as follow-up on our session:

Take advantage of RSAT. It’s easy, if you do it smart!

Do you guys have a lot of customers actually doing RSAT in their environments? I’ve found the stuff that breaks isn’t necessarily things that RSAT would be able to see (like reports, or data showing in a form).

Hi Jake,

For certain fields you can actually perform data validation. For example, you can

  • get the current on-hand quantity for an item (QTY1),

  • create and finalize production order for that item with quantity (QTY2), and as a third step

  • you can validate that the new on-hand quantity for that same item is QTY1+QTY2

A lot of my clients have often expressed a desire to leverage RSAT after go-live, but often times, they defer back to manual testing due to the issues that stem from the tool. They find troubleshooting/managing RSAT more cumbersome than having their staff conduct the business processes on their own.