Dynamics User Group on the move

Erik and me are currently testing a new and promising server for the dynamics user group.

If everything works out it - might be that the server moves to the new location soon.
The loading time for a page seems to be dramatically lower than on the current server.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Best regards

(because Erik is veeeery busy currently)

And now the server has been moved. We still have a few jobs to finish to make everything as before (just faster). It might take 10-12 hours before search works again. But please report other errors you might see.

Just posted answer in the other thread - (my first post after upgrade) - what was slow still, is page refresh after pressing POST button. Maybe coincidence, I’ll post this and watch again…

Yes, coincidence - previous POST refreshed page in a moment [:)]

Happy to hear that! If anyone still have performance issues with the site, then please let me know.

And let me also use the opportunity to thank our moderator Thomas Brodkorb of DYNAVICS.com for sponsoring most of the cost of this new server. [Y]

Ah I was wondering what was going on when DUG wouldn’t open this morning. I’m not noticing any performance issues, but it’s been working pretty well for me for a while.

And thanks for the support Thomas [Y]

I hope everything works out like a charme.

Nothing to thank for.

As I did not have much time during the last couple of weeks to post, this is my contribution to the user group.

Have fun with the new machine - and should we run into performance troubles again, we will just put in some more hardware (as we learned from Microsoft).

Hi Daniel,

Remember that you’re able to see such announcements both on the DUG group on LinkedIn and in our Twitter account.