Dynamics Time Line (Family Tree)

Hi – I was looking to get a ‘history of Dynamics’ from Concorde XAL / Daamgard / Navision days to 2008 and all the versions of Dynamics NAV /GP/ CRM and Ax. For example when Navision became Attain, then Microsoft took over and it became the unwieldy ‘Microsoft Business Solution Navision’ – ideally looking to get a dateline on this. – All help much appreciated! – Many thanks

check http://wiki.dynamicsbook.com/index.php?title=NAV_version_history

Thanks Nuno, I was about to post the same.

Rob note that you can sign up to the Wiki and edit. So if you have information to add, please do so. I am slowly building up the page wiht dates and stuff, and adding screen shots. But any ehlp will be appreciated.

Thanks David / Thanks Nuno,

If I can add any more I will – hopefully I will also be able to piece together the Ax side