dynamics reports without datsource or querry

hey i m totally new to dynamics ax…

pls can any one give me an example to generate a report without using any Aot objects like querries, datsource ,etc

i want to create a report using only x++ and methods of form like send ,fetch,etc pls help me and provide with an example.

Please do mention that you want report in which AX version?


i want it in ax 2009

I am not really sure as I have been working on reports only in AX 2012.

its ok pls give one example or link to get dynamic report without datasource or querry…

yes for database need a AX 2012…share this link…

Online business listing

Please go through this link :


not getting it…just need to know wat to write in fetch method of form to get data from tables…

Hello Nick,

Let me explain you how you can create report without using datasource,

Suppose you need customer details in your report printing(design) say 2 field u need to display i.e, custAccount & Name

Initially create 2 display methods and then drag them in to the design part of the report

And thereafter overrride the fetch method of the report and write simple query something like :

While select custtable


accountName = custtable.accoutnum; // accountName is display method

name = custtable.name; // name is display method


And then craeat the Output menu Item and run it, you will find that total customer details get printed up.\


Vishal Tiwari

thanks very much Vishal…

WC Nick :slight_smile: