Dynamics Report - GeneratedDesign and AutoDesign

What are the differences between a GeneratedDesign and AutoDesignSpecs in axapta reports?

When are used one? when other?

Why in some case is used AutoDesign in others Generated?

The main differences between auto designs and generated designs
are that auto designs take full advantage of MorphX, they allow for dynamic templates,
auto headers and auto sums based on criteria established in the query.

Generated designs are static, and will not automatically adjust to changes made in the query or report
template. It is recommended using auto designs. You should only consider using
generated designs in special cases where a fixed layout is needed. Generated designs are
generally only required where the layout is fixed by contract or statute, or when you
need to use pre-printed forms such as checks and purchase orders.

Generated designs have some extra sections for adding headers and footers to body
sections. Beside that auto designs and generated designs use the same type of sections.