Dynamics objects

Hi all.I donno if my question is dumb but really i’m new with navision cause i was working on Powerbuilder long time before now i changed to new job.I just want to know if we can create dynamicly a textbox or line at run time on a specific place???plz can anyone give me any detail abotu this subject[:I]

No, you can’t. All controls must be defined at design time and cannot be created at run time.

Thx nelson.I think i should find another frameWork to do this actions and to call it from navision.this is really something bad in navision[:(]

If You stick to the guidelines and develop in Navision “by the book” You’ll find the Navision IDE quite nice (OK. The editor lacks some functionality but owerall it works nice) When You try do do things differently and not as standard Navision or by the guidelines You probably lack a lot of features. But than You’re often at the wrong track anyway. Conclusion: When You need features in C/AL that is not not present to complete Your solution You should think about how You have designed Your solution. //Lars

And for extreme cases where Navision’s IDE is not enough to develop some feature and there is no way to circumvent it, there is always the possibility to integrate an external control/object which does the trick. Standard Navision does it in a couple of places (Gantt charts and Contact Search using “fuzzy logic” spring to mind, for example).

thx guys for all this comments.i will take all this in consideration.I really saw a big difference between navision coding and all other language.I will try to see how to manage this things with other way.thx again

Why not describe here what you would like to achive? There is a bunch of nice people just waiting to get a chance to help you [8D]

I created an HR application in navision(full one)and in one part i did something like company organisation.every company will be able to enter data of their organisation’s structure, so i want to add a button to see a graph of their organigram.i want to draw textbox with lines and all that at run time cause user can change data at anytime.i think it’s not possible to do it with navision.If anyone have any suggestion i’m ready to hear it .thx for ur suggestion.