Dynamics NAV Site Replication

Hello,Our client is using Dynamics NAV 5.0SP1 with SQL Server 2005 64bit Standard Edition. The db is about 65GB with 45users. Client wishes to replicate the database in another two different geographic locations and would like to have real-time two way synchronization. What I would like to know is,1. Has anyone done any replications with NAV?2. Are there any recommended replication tools/software for NAV/SQL replication?3. What factors need attention in implementing such a solution? Thanks,


I think you should look for some tool to copy the database on SQL database level. Not Navision-code wise. That would only take care of the copy though. You say that you want two-way synchronization? Do you mean that when you post a sales order in one database it should be visible in the other databse, and when you create an item in one database, it should be visible in the other? Will there be users working in each database at the same time? This sounds very very dangerous, and even if you find some way to synchronize, how about data concistency?

Hi Alex,

Yes, We are looking at possibilities of two way synchronization.

Yes, three databases will be at different locations and any changes made to any of them should be reflected on others…….users will be working on different databases.

I know this is complicated and dangerous but I’ve heard about SQL tools out there which could be used over a WAN to sync databases.

I really want to find about any proven tools that are being used???

Techies out there.,pls help !

What is the purpose behind this requirement? I don’t mean that they want the DB in three places. I mean why. Why would you not just us TS/Citrix to access a single site. Must less complex. [:)]

I agree with you this is the solution used 99,99% of the times and works perfectly.


I have created a systems that replicates between a master and 10 other Navision DB’s, using standard SQL replication. This have been working for 5 years without problems. If doing this you must take care of all Tables using Entry Nos (Item Ledger Entry etc), number series, and design a set of rules that controls what databases can modify a certain document (E.g Purcheses Order) to avoid conflicts. It is a lot of work, and i would not recommend it if it is possible to use other means, as Citrix.