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We have Nav 2009 R2 (5.0) on SQL Server 2008 R2 our site. I have a functional question to place in the threads - sorry if is a recurrence.

We have the following situation. From an external portal we are receiving orders that are transferred to Nav through a Scribe connection. The problem is that most of orders contain kits and items on the same document. Now due to our business interaction for there is a logic that would dictate different Bill-to Customers per line. In essence some of lines would be billed to the Customer on the order and some of them they would be billed to the carrier (Telus, Rogers, Bell… we are located in Canada).

Our transfer (Scribe) procedure is transferring orders from portal to CRM and from there to Nav but with one order one Customer.

Can we force at Order Line level to generate different customer (Bill-to) per line function of a logic that would be mainly dependent of Item type ?

What would be your solution to this ?

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Hi Sever,

As you might already know, then this functionality doesn’t exist as standard in Navision. Before I suggest any “solution” here, then I’ll like to know if each order has the same “Sell-To Customer No.” or this also changes?

Hi Sever ,

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Unfortunately you cannot do bill-to per line, you will need to split the order to as many as many bill-to-s you have.



Thank you Erik and G. for kind reply.
I was imagining somehow the replies, but I want to underline that this would be the best possible if we can have an Order with multiple Bill-to so that we may generate eventually distinct Invoices to different Customers based on the lines of the Order.

Now a detail - I am talking about a telephony application where the orders go to various customers, just that the Charge regarding the lines on the order should be directed part of them to the Customer and part of them to the Carrier. Again, the Carrier are fix and the way to determine what is going where it will be through a “logic” that would be function of Item Type. The “logic” would be valid (the same) for all Customers, or will be Customer invariant.

Erik, in my vision “Sell-to Customer No_” is the same - just the Charge (Bill-to Customer No_) we’d like to make it distinct per line of the order function of some properties of the Item in the Order Line. What is interesting that the “Bill-to Customer No_” can be retrieved also in “Sales Line” and “Sales Invoice Line” tables - which may suggest that they may have different values whther or not they are from same Order. Would this be for possible further development.

Suppose at creation moment we populate this Field (Sales Line.Bill-to Customer No_) with right values, what would be the behaviour of the Sales Invoice after the order is Posted ?

I hope I rendered the specifics - please provide me any proposal on operation or even possible needed development that you may think of. Even alternatives are welcome.

Thanking again, regards.

Hi Sever,

You posted this in the End-User forum, so I assume that you are with an end-user and not a partner (you didn’t write an Introduction or your profile Bio). Because it’s not possible without doing some “heavy” modifications of your system.

I would either do it by modifying the posting job, so that the posting function creates one invoice per bill-to customer when you post it. Or by creating a function that would automatically “split” the sales order into multiple sales orders based on the bill-to customer no.

But you should really talk to your NAV partner about it, there are many ways it can be done, and more information is required to say exactly how to do it.

Hi Erik,

Thank you again for kind reply.

I use to do some development (in-house) in the period of Navision Attain 2.1/3.6/3.7 … from then I stop doing development for it - now I’m more into CRM developments.

Coming back to the subject I did a test and at the Line level I put different values on an order with two lines on “Bill-to Customer No_” and into “Sell-to Customer No_” still the invoice did not show only the item with the Customer at Header Level the same as the Line level. It included both. So from when I left - true the things did not changed in allowing the split of a Order at Invoice level. However also at Invoice Line level the value from the Sales Line Level were preserved … but they were meaningles for what Invoice (as a Report) was showing up.

So my last question would be: can we imgine a solution tackling this scenario, but based on different Invoicing/priocing procedure.What I want to say: suppose we have items (regular parts) and kits (packages including more items). Usually the parts we charge the Customer and the kits we charge the Carrier, but all of them are sent to the Customer Ship-to’s addresses). Question is can we let the kits on the Invoice with Price “0” and make a montly/weekly adjustment under the for of an Invoice with the kits included in all orders in that period and addressed to Carrier ? So from Accounting perspective would it be some solution that would use current Nav capabilities without code-development just through system configuration.

You have or not a solution to this I am already grate to your kind replies and I’ll keep into consideration the data you sent me in the previous reply - very kind.
Hope you have a very nice day Erik.

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