Dynamics NAV newbie in Seattle about to go live

Hello all.

For the past year I have been working on implementing NAV without much assistance from our solution provider. It’s not that they don’t want to provide assistance of course; we are just a DIY kind of company and we like to know the insides and outs of all of our applications. We have been picking and poking at it for a good while and feel pretty good about our understanding of how it works.

We are a small manufacturing company that has been running Quickbooks Premier Mfg & Wholesale since 2007. We are about to start running QB and NAV in parallel in preparation for a full go-live with NAV on Dec 1 '10.

Major setups are solid and we have been successfully running transactions through our test company. I am working furiously today to get everything clean in order to load the beginning balances and open transactions over the weekend.

My questions here will likely be very elementary. Please be patient and keep in mind that I am not a developer or solution provider, just a small company Controller and de facto IT person/database administrator trying to transition from a mickey mouse accounting system to a bona fide ERP.

Hi Jennifer and welcome to Dynamics User Group.

I am sure that you have reached the right forum for learning NAV. There are a lot of question and answer related to NAV here, please try search first before posting a question and in case you don’t find a answer then feel free to ask questions and I am sure someone of us will be able to help you.