Dynamics Nav newbie from Darlington - Anxiously awaiting go-live!

Hi All,

As you can see, I’m about to experience my first go-live event through Nav. I have spent the last couple of months working my behind off with one of the best Dynamics Partners that I could ask for!

We have an official go-live date of November 1st, so it’s all hands on deck! I thought it would be in my interests to get into a user-group, as I’m sure it will be a great chance to network with fellow Sysadmins in my situation, and hopefully learn a few things.

I’m highly passionate about my work, especially with Nav. At this moment in time, I am highly considering moving into Nav development full time, as so far, I have had nothing but good experiences.

See you in the trenches,

Josh Finch

Hi Josh,

Welcome to the user group and thank you for your introduction. I hope that you will find what you are looking for here. Otherwise please let us know. And by now you have gone live, so with no other posts so far, then I expect that it has been a success so far?

Hi Josh

Welcome, and best of luck with the go-live.

Thanks for your kind welcome, both of you.

We had to push the live date back another month, because we had some problems transferring data over from our old system. Thanks to our fantastic Dynamics partners (PCS Ltd) we have got most of it done, and are likely to launch on time.

Great thing is, with the date being pushed back, we have brought some “Phase 2” stuff in earlier such as connection to the SQL database on our website to feed product info, stock values and order details back and forth. (Which I can tell you, is a lifesaver for me)