Dynamics Nav Licence files

I need to know what are the licence We need to do nav development. and it is possible to use partner licence modified object to deploy clients sites.


Hi Kasan,

You can buy granules to allow you to develop but they are quite expensive. The usual path is to become a certified Nav partner which entitles you to a development licence. To do this you will need to become certified professional in Nav. If you register in the partner program you will get all the details.

Hi Thank U Veru much,

Can u explain me,What are the licence I need to have to do the developments in all areas(Navision Development,Business Analatics,Etc…) In Nav 5


Search the forum, there have been lots of disucssions on this.

A personal development is issued to developers at partners, you can also buy a solution developer license as an end customer to do almost everything, but it is very expensive. Not sure if you are a partner or customer, but a partner can get this information to talk to one or the right person.

Thank U for All I will see

Personal development licenses are no longer issued. Microsoft issues a single “partner license” to the partner company. Also, if you are an end-user, your development license (if purchased) will have access only to those parts of NAV for which you are licensed.

I always forget things have changed since the good old days [:D] Yep company licenses now!