Dynamics NAV - database.fdb - Roll back

Hi, I have one cutomer that have Dynamics NAV installed on on PC. Now he has deleted all the stucture he ses. I have not talk to the company that installed the system and have no idea wath he mean, I will now help him to “Roll back” the database. Is it possible to do that? Can I use some tool to do it? The “deletesession” happens today between 14:00-16:00 and I copy the database to a new folder at 18:00.


I didn’t understand exactly your problem. A end user has made a huge mistake.
You have made a backup at 18:00. You want to recover a database backup?
It’s native or SQL?

Yes, thats right. End user have made a huge misstake, delete all structure he ses, I don know what that means. I will now “Roll back” the DB so he can work from that time before he deleted the structure. I copy the database.fdb file so he dont write over something, I mean its esear for me to “Roll back” one misstake than more misstakes. I think its navive becouse the filename are database.fdb (http://erp.ittoolbox.com/groups/technical-functional/ms-navision-l/convert-native-navision-fbd-database-to-sql-database-1732727#)


so you have the “deletesession”-database in a new folder now. What you need is a navision backup. Normally a file with .fbk - extension (or more if the backup file size is bigger than 2GB).

Follow the instructions form the “How to make a backup with Navision” handbook. It tells you all the details you need to restore the database. You find the document in the doc-folder on the navision CD (w1w1bkup.pdf).

Main steps:

  • open a client session on the server and connect to the server

  • create a new database in the folder you want; the database should have the same size as you one you saved/copied

  • restore the latest backup (*.fbk)

The problems are that they dont have done any backup on the file. They are using “copy file backup to another computer” but they have not copy the file yeat, but they have worked a lot. So my question are, are there any way to “come in” access to the file and make some undo?

Similar undo command?


They get what they payed for[A]. Let’s find a solution.

Option 1:

So you have a copy of the database (after the “deleting session” happened). There was once a tool (C/DART, when Navision was Navion A/S) to “undo” step by step on a native database. You have had to send the database to Denmark and they were able to “recover” you database; even if you have had checksum errors etc. But that service was quite expensive. I am not sure that tool is still in use.

Option 2:

I still can’t immagine WHAT they actually deleted. Because you cannot delete table objects if you have some record in that table. So maybe you “just” have to Import the “other objects” and hope you have not had too many modifications. Do you have some more information for us what happened during the"deleting session". Ask the user what he/she had done.