Dynamics NAV 5.00 in Asia

I would love to know if anyone have experience in upgrading a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.00 AP (the official Microsoft South East Asian + Pacific) version to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.00.

I know NAV 5.00 is not planned to be released in any of the countries applicable for the AP version, but I would like to know how big the job is in doing it anyway. My company is running a global installation which is currently based on the AP version, but I would really like to upgrade. Especially because we are a heavy user of the job module and I would like to have the new functionality of version 5.00. But my main concerns are primarily the WHT (withholding tax) used in Thailand and the Philippines.

i heard so…

in asia, it will be NAv 5.1

and maybe it will launch june or september

Yes Dynamics NAV 5.10 will be released in Asia, but NAV 5.00 is not being released in Asia! And don’t set up your expectations for NAV 5.10 in Asia in June or September. At least not June or September 2007. For Asia a release date has not even been announced yet (see here). And with the current date announced for phase 2 countries, then I don’t think you should expect to see an official Dynamics NAV 5.10 release in Asia and the other remaining countries until second half of 2008. So your June and September might be true - but it will be 2008.

But that’s wasn’t really my question… Please get back on topic. Thanks.


I have not thought about an “upgrade” yet. But WHT is not really an big issue. We (a group of 4 Solution Centers) “planned and developed” that module together with Navision S’pore in a couple weeks after Version 3.00 was released.

I do not know your “core” application and your version management. However, integrating WHT into NAV 5.00 could be done within 10-15 working day. What is your actual plan? Upgrage all 4.00 AP to W 5.00 with your core incl. WHT?

I am fine to discuss. Do you want me to involve one of my developers?



Hi Walter,

I didn’t know you where involved in that! You should make a deal with them to re-design the India WHT also. As we say in Thailand SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT! [;)] And India will properly cause us more problems than the WHT code - which I always said was done rather good compared to so many other local codes out there!

But 10-15 working days! Just for the WHT code! My own guess had been more around a week for the WHT (as it’s done very clean - almost like a copy of the existing VAT code - just like NAV code is supposed to be), a week or two for the Indian code and 2 weeks for our core code. And then a few weeks to test it all…

That’s include testing and implemention into a “live” system. The code ist straight forward. After 10 hours you have all you need for testing. Plus some forms and reports… done.