Dynamics NAV 5.0 Upgrade Issues: Service Management and Jobs Module


As there were major changes done in Microsoft Dynamics NAV5.0 in Service Management and Jobs Module and while doing database upgrade from 4 to NAV 5/ 5SP1, the codeunit 104001 (a codeunit in Upgrade Toolkit) checks for any Posted/ Unposted Service order/ invoice and Job journal lines and if there is any data in these tables, then system gives error.

What should be done to retain the data in these tables?

Please suggest.


Hi Raj,

Did you find a solution to your question?

Posting structure has completed changed in those modules. So isn’t straight to convert un posted journals / invoices.

Hi Erik,

Not fully. But as said by Nuno Itsn’t straight, so I assume before proceeding with the upgrade one has to ensure that there is no-unposted data in those tables, either post them or delete and import later on.