Dynamics NAV 2016 Purchase Invoice Line Dimension Defaults


I’m trying to figure out how the default dimensions are set when I put a line into Purchase Invoice screen? I noticed when I select a No. then go to Line Dimensions, I have two default dimensions. I understand this is kept in Dimension Set Entry table, but how does it know what ID to select for the line? Is it determined via the No. of the line? Or Buy from Vendor No. in the header? I’m trying to do a sql statement to get the dimensions via the dimension set ID, but the missing link to how it determines this I’m confused, tried a profile trace, but I can’t seem to understand how it works.

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When you add dimensions in the page. system checks whether same set/combination of dimensions already available in the Dimension Set ID table. if it exist, system will use the same id, if not system creates new one internally and assign it.

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Thank you, yes I understand that. This is the scenerio: When I select a vendor on Purchase Invoice. Then I put in the invoice number, I go to detail grid to select G/L Account, after I set No. then check detail dimensions I have two defaulted dimensions, so yes, one ID set entry, but I don’t understand, how do I get this ID value from sql? Is it determined on the No. field or the header Vendor field? Or is it a combination or fields? The Dimension Set Entry ID has to be set for Purchase Invoice, but how? Sometimes when I select a different No. such as Fixed Assets not G/L Account, I get four dimensions defaulted, which again means it’s a different Dimension Set Entry ID, so I am missing the link to how it knows which Dimension Set Entry ID is to be used?

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Ok, I got it now. I will put it here just in case someone needs guidance like me. After going over SQL, UI, documentation, msdn, videos on youtube. I found out how default dimensions work. So The default dimensions get populated for the Purchase Invoice Lines by when those dimensions get filled in. I didn’t realize that it was happening, because one of the fields were hidden by default, AREA, so I made sure that was visible. What I noticed is it wasn’t the No. field in the details that made the default dimensions appear, it was the fact that when I selected the No. It would populate the AREA (which was hidden field) so I didn’t see it populate. So esstentially all the other dimensions seems to behave this way. I.E. When you fill in Business, Customer, Department, Project, Sales, etc… then if you open up the Dimension sub window, you will find that those dimensions are filled for that line. There is a gotcha, I noticed the header field Purchaser Code can either be Dimension for Purchaser or Salesperson, so be careful on that one. But I now understand how these are being populated, it’s dynamically filled as you fill in header and detail values that are not explicitly “Dimension” fields. Hope this helps someone.

Yes you right, but when you choose vendor in Purchase Invoice or Customer in Sales Invoice or item in sales line or purchase line or resource in sales line or purchase line, dimension are copied/inherit from masters. Masters are Customer, Vendor, or Item Or Resource or G/L and more. So when we create or setup new master, we add dimensions to them. we call those dimensions are Default dimensions. Hence when user select those masters (Vendor, Customer, Item, Resource, etc) in the Order, or Invoice or any other place. System copies or inherit those default dimensions from master.

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