Dynamics Nav 2013R2 US: us sales tax on service invoices


We have a strange one here for a US database. Sales tax all configured and working. So for a specific customer identified as tax liable and who has been assigned a rate via tac group / jurisdiction etc, if we raise a sales invoice or service invoice I can see correct US tax calculated.

When I post the sales invoice the us sales tax is treated correctly. When I post a service invoice even though pre posting the us sales tax is in the document statistics, the sales tax is not accounted for at all. So customer ledger entry is pre tax. GL pre tax. No sales tax. Yet the posted document shows pre tax values but the bottom section shows the US state rate and value.

Help! This makes no sense to me and has the look of a bug but no one else seems to have had this issue on the US database.


Hi all

Just to close this issue as after a few hours of tracking code and processes I have fixed this. Down to the Tax Posting Setup table (absolutely no reference to NormalVAT on this table, only refer to SalesTax as VAT Transaction Type - don’t get me started on why a US database has any reference to VAT in in a field’s caption), tick box on GL Setup re Accounting for VAT (or something like that) and the service management invoices when posted work as per unposted re sales tax. Absolutely daft!! No where else does this happen- I hope!

Anyway so resolved. Off now to go and change someone else’s configuration of the Tax (VAT) Posting Setup!