Dynamics NAV 2013r2 Page with custom action button only works on server.

Hi all-

I’m a bit new to Dynamics NAV development. I’ve created an action button on a page that when pressed, ie will execute a message box message. It’s all fine and dandy when you run the page via the object browser. I can even run it in the Role Tailored Client on that machine. But when I try to run it on a different box, with just only Role Tailored Client installed, I press the custom action button, but it does nothing. Is there something I am missing? It works fine with the box I developed on, but not with a Role Tailored Client pointing at the server on a different machine. Any help or guidance would be extremely helpful. Thank you all so much.

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Object modifications are done at database level, so even if the server is different, you should be able to see your customization until you connect at the same database: can you check at which database you connected to the second time?

Are there two database where the customization has been.

If you are connecting to wrong database then your customization button should not have been shown.


In 2013 R2 we can open the client in configuration mode. Please check if your action is disabled there… for the client computers.