Dynamics NAV 2013 Upgrade - Data conversion Step 2 (Dimensions)


I’m upgrading a NAV 2009 R2 database to NAV 2013 and have encountered an error during Step 2 of the Data conversion. The process has run without error for the first 3 companies but one produces the following error:


The error roughly translates to the following:

This Message is for C/AL-Programmers: Error when calling ‘System.Int32.get_HasRows’: The type of atleast one parameter does not coincide with the parameter type of the method.

With the help of the Debugger I was able to gain the following information: This happens while trying to convert the Dimensions in Table 5106 “Document Dimension Archive”. The error is triggered by an SQL Plugin which seems to be part of the Upgrade Toolkit in Codeunit 104049 in the function UpdateParentTable with the command

IF SQLReader.HasRows THEN

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Erik F.