Dynamics NAV 2013: Mixed localization due to Windows setup?

I got a strange problem. In my pages most is shown correctly in Danish. But some of the “buttons” are shown in English!

The local language (DAN / da-DK) sub directories exists both for the service and the client. All objects are localized (DK) and when clicking on the “button” then it displays the new page correctly in Danish.

The problem seems to be related to the Windows/User setup, as it displays correctly for other users. But I have not been able to find out what settings this is caused by.

Any suggestions?

i am sure this is a very basic check… did you check the caption class and caption ML for those buttons in design mode…


Hi Anil,

Sure, was the first thing I checked. And it also looks fine for other users. But thanks anyway.

please check the language ID in your user personalization… try and make it danish…

Hope it shud work…


Sorry tried that already. Language ID was already danish.

My guess is that it’s more related to the Windows or SQL Server settings.

Ok, think that I found it!

The difference between my setting and the setting of the other users was that I was using the RAPIDSTART Profile, whereas the other users had other profiles! Changing my profile id also solved the problem.

What led me in the right direction was the fact that the captions shown under the Navigate actions were displayed correctly in Danish, it was only the captions (but only some of them) which were “promoted” to the Start actions that was wrong.

I’m still puzzled to why it is so!