Dynamics NAV 2013: Error when adding or changing users

Whenever I am trying to change or add new users from the NAV 2013 Windows Client then I’m getting this error:


(Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Cient has stopped working.
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please stop the program.
→ Close the program.)

The database was restored from a different domain using a SQL Server backup. After this the existing users where truncated.

Now I were able to log in with my SQL admin account, where I could add the users.

With my normal account I’m now able to login, but whenever I click edit or add in the Users page, then I’m getting the above error.

Ok, found a work around!

It figures that the error only occurs when the language is set to Danish!

Changing the language to English (ENU) then it works fine.

Just a bit more details on this error.

I found that it wasn’t a “simple” localization error.

When I was checking up on the database then all the system tables (2000000000 and up) were not migrated correctly.

Somehow then the field names were correct, but the tables had no captions. The option fields were even strange, here the field names were also correct in English, and there were no captions. But the OptionString was in Danish (with no OptionCaption).

The error was really fixed by exporting all the 2000000000 and up tables from the Cronus Demo database and importing them. And they didn’t import as FOB files, so I had to import them as Text files and recompile.