Dynamics Mobile Integration with NAV (NAS & Event Log)


I have to send a request to post a Sales Order (created on Mobile) from Mobile to NAV 4 SP3 and a response XML has to be sent back to Mobile with error if any while posting the Sales Order. Since Dynamics Mobile Architecture uses NAS to send request (and process request ), errors if any while posting will be sent to Event Log. How can I get details from Event Log to Navision so that I can send it in Response XML.

Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.

Rajesh Jindham

You need to try and catch the error before it occurs, and prevent the message to post to the event log, so you can build your XML right when it happens. Find a VB or C# code snippet that deals with the event log, and you should be able to find the same automation to use in NAV. It usually works very similar, and I’ve actually done a successful event log test in C/AL code. Unfortunately I don’t have access to that code anymore.