Dynamics data porting


i am new to dynamics. I could not port the data from the excel sheet. I followed the steps in the help file. please tell me the procedure to port the data. the pre-requisites like the file or data format (Specific if any)and also the steps to get all the data ported into the application

Hi Surya and welcome to forum,

Help in this case would not help :slight_smile: you, if as you wrote you are a beginner.

Data formats are important, but more important is knowledge of Navision as such and its data structures especially.

If you search this forum for “data import” you’ll find many threads about this topic, even experts sometimes ask for help because they are stuck.
You didn’t tell the details what data & where, but in Navision there are tables that NEVER can be imported directly, Ledgers for example. Also, is it startup data or some everyday data from third system(s) to speed up data entry?

Dear Modris Ivans,

Thanks for your reply.

I am using the application in India. I mean the data is Initial Data of the company regarding the Items, vendors and customers.

also Please let me know if there are any other pre-requisites before data importing.

I have worked for another local ERP company where i did implementation of the product but i don’t know data porting.

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Sorry, but you would NOT be capable to implement Navision, not knowing the product and having the necessary qualifications, which can’t be obtained in a week, reading Help and asking some questions here or other forums.

Even if this reduces to installing it “as is”, no modifications, only entering startup data - like opening balance and other opening entries.
If you don’t ask about it, I suppose you don’t even imagine, HOW MUCH other setup procedures you must fullfill.

If you work at client side, please, don’t even try, find a qualified MS Partner company to do the job.
If you yourself work at Partner - but I’m in heavy doubt - ask your boss to send you to courses, then, after a year or two and heap of exams you will be qualified enough to do implementations independently.

Please, don’t take this personal - it simply is a fact.

dear Modris Ivans thanks for the suggestion.

actually the company and other data are some way fed in the system previously and the person who did it is not available.

so i my self trying to learn it.

I am looking for the book Implementing NAV which i have ordered. Mean while i am looking for help from forums if any one can do.

lucky that i got a person like you who can speak frank.

Fuffff… Thanks God with you it’s not the usual case we here in forum are so used to.

Is the system already running or it was left “hanging” half-implemented?