Dynamics AX virtualization performances loss

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We migrated our servers to virtualized servers, we have 2 TSE servers, 1 for AOS and 1 for database, we noticed no performances differences with TSE but AOS and database both lost 33% speed regardless configuration (CPU, network card etc). Our servers are virtualized with HyperV 3. I think the problem comes from server 2003 and SQL Server 2005,do anyone met similar problems and solved it?

TSE specs: windows 2003 R2 SP2 32bits intel xeon E5-2620 2Ghz RAM 4Go

AOS specs: same as TSE Dynamics AX 2009 without SP1

Database : windows 2003 R2 x64 intel xeon E5440 283 Ghz RAM 8Go SQL server 2005

Virtualiser: Windows 2012 standard 64 intel xeon CPU E5-2450 48Go Ram

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Hey Thomas good luck before hand for some long days and nights :wink:

There are is still a nice list how to solve this [H]. What did you already do on the troubleshooting ?

First check the infra first and after that the SQL / AOS (what version ax are you running)

  • Use this tool :slight_smile: http://pal.codeplex.com > you can check if the sql infra is runnig good enoug

  • How stable are the pings between AOS & AX

  • Did you do already analyzed some long running queries or locks

  • There is a list of sql switches for using SQL in a virtual environment.

You may want to look at Hyper-V Benchmark Report for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 done by Microsoft. I believe there won’t be any huge difference for AX2009.

The report shows 21% degradation when all servers (DB, AOS, EP) are virtual - and that’s in a (supposedly) well-configured system. Therefore you can’t expect the same performance as with physical servers, but your reason to use virtual servers is probably to increase utilization and simplify maintenance and the performance degradation is the price for that.

The report also contains some recommendation (e.g. to use fixed-sized virtual disks) that may help you to improve performance to some degree.

Hey Thomas,

Any news on this topic?


Hi Alexander,

I made some other tests with a stronger server, hardware improvment haven’t change anything, I think it comes from the OS and/or the SQL server version, I planned a new test with Windows Server 2008 ans SQL Server 2008/2012. I’ll also try with VMWare virtualization system instead of HyperV 3.



Hey Thomas,

Sounds good ! if you can use any help or input just pm or mail me. There is so much options still open to fix performance problems.

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