Dynamics Ax Service Start Issue


This is Syed Abuthahir , " ERROR:1068: The Dependeny service or group failed to start" I could’t solve this issue(while service start in Ax)

If any one know pls reply to me.


Syed Abuthahir

The same error (or similar at least) was discussed in this thread. Check it out.

Hi Syed Abuthahir,

Please check AX dependency services are started or not like SQL Server and RPC.


Mahesh Amundla.

Hi Mahesh Amundla

I am beginner in Ax Installation , I do know to how to check that Dependency service(as u said early post) . So could u pls tell me step by step Process.


Syed Abuthahir

Hi Syed,

Please check the following services are started or not,

  1. SQL Server

  2. Remote Procedure Call.

You can check dependencies for any Service like this

Services → Service Name–> Properties → Dependencies.

You can refer this page for resolution