Dynamics AX Past Worker Records

After a worker is terminated, how do I keep Employment details (i.e. dates) on their record in the Past Workers list page?


yes u r correct … u can view in th past worker list page


It is a standard functionality in AX 2012 whereby once an employee gets terminated, his/her record will get moved under Past works list page.

History can be viewed under employment history buttton.

Yes, a past employee has a profile, employment, and competencies and development tab on their record. The profile information shows, but not the dates on the employment tab.

How do I make the dates show under employment, for a past worker?

It seems like their employment record disappears when they are terminated, so the dates do not show. How do I prevent that so the same information that is on a currently employed worker stays the same as when they are terminated?

I suppose you mean employment start and end date.

Tried the following in Dynamics AX 2012 CU2 -

  • Terminated an employee.
  • In the employment history tab under past workers list page, was still able to view history (i.e. employee start and end date).

The actual dates are stored in ‘HcmEmployment’ table and I can’t see any parameter for deleting the dates either. Perhaps do you have any customization around this area?

That is strange. I looked in our standard (perhaps not) AX 2012 environment and this is still a problem.

I have went in on the HcmEmployment table and the terminated employee information is still there. When I go into HcmEmploymentDetail and hover over the Employment field in table browser, no information is available.

Any idea how to investigate this problem? I’m very new to AX and I appreciate your help a lot.

I just reread your post and I mean the dates on the HcmWorker form for each past worker.

Do you mean employment start and end date fields (under Past workers list page > Detailed worker form (HcmWorker) > under Employment Tab page) ?

Yes - these fields are empty for me as well. I could see the dates only when I select ‘employment history’ button on the Action pane.

Yes, sir. Is there an easy fix or would I populate it from the HcmEmploymentHistory table?


Apologies for the late reply.

Though the data (validFrom and ValidTo) exists in ‘HcmEmployment’ table, for some reason this doesn’t get displayed in front end for terminated employees. This may need bit of customisation.