dynamics ax License (Concurrency)

hi all,

i have a question about license in Ax 2012
I read about concurrent users in Dynamics Ax.

A key question is that : What happens exactly in Concurrency License (In Ax 2012)?

for example We have a number of purchasing managers in Our company (purchase manager1 , purchase manager2 , purchase manager3) That each manager follow their purchases.
Is it possible to Concurrently assign 1 license (Enterprise license) to these three Manager?
With multiple users at the same time the speed is low or no?

Thank you

Jalal Montazeri

Let me repeat what I told you in a private message:

Concurrent user licenses were used in older versions of AX, but not in AX 2012. In your case, you need three named CALs; it makes sense that you’re not allowed to decide to use just a single license instead of three.

Purchase anything before you know what you need doesn’t make sense. If you don’t know it now, don’t buy them. Make the analysis first. The License Estimator on LCS might help you.

You would have to save my time if you did it yourself, or if you simply asked in the forum at the first place. You also repeat exactly the same question, without taking my answer into account, therefore I can’t do anything more than the same answer.

Thank you for your answer martin and Thank you for your time.