Dynamics AX Interview Question

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I cant get any help regarding AX Interview Question on the Internet.

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Janak Talekar

Some of the questions that I’ve been asked (long ago, though) were about SysDict* classes and reflection in general.

Also, question about posting to G\L. How it is done, which classes are used and why.

And, of course, example problems, where you would need to suggest a solution:

One, that was recently discussed on a different forum, was about adding specific batch information to the OnHand form, only displaying the info for item that have batch active in the dimension group. You were supposed to suggest possible solutions, talking about what drawbacks each has, etc.


With a product like Dynamics Ax, there is no limit to the kind of questions that can be expected.

In one of the interviews very beginning of career, I was given a case study to develop. While I was developing, someone kept an eye.



Recently I had face one interview. They were asked about OOP concept in X++.

How Can you use polymorphism in X++?

Because you cannot give same name to two methods with different argument.

How can you do that?


Janak Talekar


Polymorphism is not the same as method overloading or method overriding. Polymorphism is only concerned with the application of specific implementations to an interface or a more generic base class. Method overloading refers to methods that have the same name but different signatures inside the same class. Method overriding is where a subclass replaces the implementation of one or more of its parent’s methods. Neither method overloading nor method overriding are by themselves implementations of polymorphism.

polymorphism in the context of object-oriented programming, is the ability of one type, A, to appear as and be used like another type, B.

So, basically, any RunBaseBatch extension class (the ones you use to process stuff in AX) is an example of polymorphism in AX. Because they all call the methods of the base class as if they were their own.


I want to Monitor AOS, Client and Database.

How can I do that?


Janak Talekar

As i understand your question , You can monitor it by enabling a option(Client server trace) in Ax config untility upto some extent.

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I had faced recently 1 interview they asked me a basically questions. Like how many tools in ax ,how to built forms reports like that…

and on hand experience questions please help me to get in ax sea.send me a links to start practice from end of core levels i have exp on sql dba.

i wanna jump in ax plz… help me dear …




You might be surprised, but there is such book as “Microsoft Dynamics AX Interview questions”. It is an interesting book and it has lots of possible interview questions and answers. However, at the same time - it covers such a wide area of everything that you literally cant learn everything from it… Not a cheap book, but if you are interested:


Hello Janis,

Have you read this book MS dynamics Ax iinterview quetions?

Does this includes any infromation about workflow? Please tell me more, I really want to purchase it but need to get review because it’s so costly.