Dynamics AX freelancers group?

Last month we upgraded DUG and got the new layout and the “new” AX user group here on DUG, where all blogs, forums and other content about AX resides. Before it was easily mixed up with NAV blogs and forums.

Before the upgrade we had the “Dynamics Freelancers Group”. The Freelancers Forum was originally a part of navision.net, before Axapta had anything to do with Navision. So originally this was a NAV only forum. When AX joined the family, they we welcomed as well.

But now with the new AX user group and a similar NAV user group, the freelancing group followed back to Navision.

We still have not created a similar group for Dynamics AX Users.

But should there be some of our member here in the AX User Group, who is an AX freelancer and you would like to help organize a freelancers group for AX, then please let me know.

Then I’ll set it up, and help you get going.

The freelancers group on DUG has always been a “members only forum/group” - which both means that members should be approved by the group managers, to ensure they are really freelancers, and not a recruiter trying to find candidates or whatever. But that will be up to the new group, if it should be public or closed.