Dynamics AX Document Management - Security

I want to handle documents department wise (procurement, store, finance…)… I have created separate folder in server and assigned Active directory permissions. For example Procurement folder have full access for Purchase users and have view access for finance user.

Also I created a document type called ‘purchase document’ and given Procurement folder as Active directory Location. Also I have enabled check Table for this document type and assigned table purchtable.

Now I am trying to login as a Accounts user (roles like accountant, accounts payable clerk). So he have view access to Purchase order. But when he try to attach document (document type Purchase document) it is allowing. But because of active directory permission he cannot save document. But system not showing any error. When he open the attachment it is showing document not found.

Actually I don’t want allow Finance group user to attach documents of type ‘purchase document’. He can only view it. How can I restrict it.

Similarly I have to allow document attachment to accounts users for a document type named ‘Finance document’. In that case I don’t want store/procurement users to even view it. How can I achieve this.