Dynamics AX CRM Business Relations - Vendor & Client - One Company

Hi all,

I am rather new in Dynamics AX 2009, as we are just implementing the software. Hope so of you can give me a helping tip about one problem I’m experiencing.

To be exact: I have a case, where our company’s CLIENT is, at the same time, our VENDOR. However, the Business Relations does not allow me to add a Vendor and a Client for one company at the same time. I can obviously do it without the use of business relations, but that would omit the business process itself and is not the point.

If anyone have any ideas, I would appraceiate any help.




create two business relations and map the customer to the vendor by attcaching the customer id in the vendor master…



it still does not seem to work for me. AX does not allow me to add two business relationships for the same id. U got any other suggestions or maybe step by step. I could be doing something wrong.


Create the business relation - convert to customer. Create a NEW business relation - convert to vendor. Or go to vendor and address book and then setup and business relation and create it. Then go to customer and do the same. You will have TWO business relations and they MUST have different ID’s.

“Create the business relation - convert to customer. Create a NEW business relation - convert to vendor”

ANd that’s my main issue here. Sorry, the ID is obviously different in this case, but the name and data of the client is same (business relation data).

When I make new business relation it allows me to convert it to a customer. When I make another business relations for the same client/vendor, the system does not allow me to make it. And that’s the problem.

So for my client/vendor that, for instance, is named ACME i can only make one business relation, and convert it. If i try to make another prospect and convert to a vendor, the system does not allow me to even create the prospect.

If you have any understanding why is it so, would appreciate. Thank you

Sorry for complicating the issue, anyways thanks for the help:

Just to understand, can anyone just answer this question:

Can I make two or more business relations for the same ID in address book (obviously a different business relation ID)? The company (our AX consultant) say I can’t, and this is why I got this problem. If it is really impossible, please say so.

If anyone can give me a quick response, cheers!!

As per my understanding you have vendor who is your customer also

so create adress book Id…

Global AddreesBook → select the addressbookId → setup

from there you create a business relation and cutomer and vendor all these three will be with same addressBookId…

Not quite. My understanding is to create two business relations for the same address book ID. So, for instance:

Company A is a Vendor and a Customer. And I would like to make two Business Relations for the SAME company with the SAME address data - one business relation as a customer, and one as a vendor.

Is that possible in your opinion?

The idea is to have this data entered through a business relation. Cheers

It is possible in my opinion to have TWO separate business relations ONE linked to a customer and ONE linked to a vendor.

So BR001 = CUST1001 and BR005 = VEND2003

as stated above you need to created two business relations…

I think I brought lots of confusion here. I do appreciate your help, so thanks a lot.

Making two separate business relations is clear for me - one for vendor, one for customer. And this is my aim.

Assuming, I have company “ACME” typed into the system through the global address book. Further for this company I want to create TWO business relations. One business relation for “ACME” as a customer. And the second business relation (different BR ID), again for “ACME” as a vendor this time. With the condition, that ACME is only typed once in the address book, and has one ID.

I get, that this is impossible to do - from my AX consultant. And I assume from your answers, that the consultant is right. If no, let me know please:)

Guys, big thanks again.


Yes that is correct the GAB entry is tied to a business relations, it cannot be tied to two.