Dynamics AX: Cannot create a record in Indent Table

While creating the Indent, I am getting "CANNOT CREATE A RECORD IN INDENT TABLE(eisCFAReqJournalTable). CFA Req Id: IN12130699. The Record already exists.

Kindly guide me…

Insert is resulting in an unique index voilation, means you are trying to insert duplicate values…

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You should check the datas you’re trying to insert into your table, check how is created the CFAReqId, ti seems that’s this record that’s problematic, when I see IN12130699, I would say that’s a problem with number sequence that create a new record for CFAReqId but I can mistake. If you show your code, I’ll tell you more



Thanks for your reply…but here the number sequence is not increasing. While creating it is initialised to "IN12130699". kindly suggest me

did you try theGeneratedNumberSeq + 1 and insert? increasing manually seems stupid but it works most of time

Have a look at the class that generates the sequence, there must be some methods that deals and generates incremented sequences



Dear Thomas,

I have checked for all , It is customized i AX3.0.