Dynamics AX Batch Reporting

I am using Dynamics via remote desktop (servers are hosted) and have created a user for undertaking batch reporting (automated recurrance reports).

My question is this, While this works fine when I log on as the batch user and start the periodic process off, then close remote desktop without closing Dynaimcs - how can I set the process up so that the queue just runs without the reliance of logging in with a user account selecting the periodic process and then shutting down the remote desktop.

Can it be set up as a server service or something similar as I can see the above usage stopping without anyone being aware of it.

hope someone can assist.



Please drop me an email. I can forward you a document which contains pointers for setting up Ax as batch service.


Hi Harish,

Why not upload it to the files area (Downloads)? Then other AX users could benefit from this also…

Hi Erik,

It is a good suggestion. You are right - it will be of help to one and all. I will upload the document shortly.