Dynamics AX Analysis Extensions Issues

Hey All need Help, Long story short I am trying to install analysis extension and get the error “…SQL Server AS with SP2 or higher before installing Analysis extension.” The KB told us to uninstall the Microsoft.AnalysisServices.dll if it was version 9 and then things will work. We don’t seem to have a version 9 and only have version 10 and it is to not be uninstalled. Below are some links to other articles that reference this issue. Thanks in advance. technet.microsoft.com/…/ee355077.aspxv blog.davidsandor.com/…/SOLVED-You-must-install-SQL-Server-2005-Analysis-Services-with-Service-Pack-2-or-higher-before-installing-the-Analysis-extensions.aspx


There must be older version of ‘Microsoft.AnalysisServices.dll’ in the windows GAC. Usually older version gets installed as part of previous version of SQL Server.

For example, in one of my projects, customer had installed SQL Server 2005 Express edition. Once I completely un-installed SQL Server Express 2005 and rebooted the server, the older version of AnalysisServices dll vanished on its own.

Hope this helps,