Dynamics Ax 2012: When & How about Moving Average Costing

Dear All,

I would like to seek some advice in AX 2012 about “Price difference for moving average” & “Cost revaluation for moving average” on When does the assigned main account inside this type debit & credit?.

I have read some document from technet but i am can’t figure it out when & how does it occurs the debit & credit inside some transaction (Purchase Order,Transfer Order, or Sales Order)

Located at: Inventory and warehouse management > Setup > Inventory > Item groups > Inventory tab > Price difference for moving average / Cost revaluation for moving average.

Thanks you, your advice is highly appreciated.

My advice is to sit down and process each transaction and note the stage, steps and then accounts hit - it really is the best way to learn.

Thanks for your advice, but i have been testing quite some time to get the scenario occurs.

And didn’t work, my transaction went very fine (without affected the price moving average).

Hopefully someone could shed some light.

In that case you need to think about your testing scenarios. A) detail them and expected outcomes and B) model in AX.

I am not sure what you are asking - you would need to tell us what you tested and why it did not work - you cannot ask for someone to shed light on a whole concept - moving average is moving average - do you understand the principle of moving average in AX - I am assuming you do because you have been testing for quite some time.

What have you done and why does it not work for you? You would also need to define your setup to handle this.