Dynamics AX 2012 quotation - discount


How do I create a single line dicount on a sales quotation ?

I want to create a single line on a quotation that shows a (eg) $10,000 discount.

The discount woudl vary with order

I try adding a text line, or any line for that matter, and thought a quantity of 1 with a net price of -$10,000 would do the trick but I get a critical stop saying the quantity and net value need to be the same sign

Any help please ?

Thank you

if your intention is to just give a discount, cant you give it using the “total discount %”? if it’s not feasible, you can put the quantity also negative so that it wont give you that error.

But, what you need to think is the later stage i.e., when a quotation is being converted to SO are you Ok to have the same item to be transferred to your SO also? If yes, did you check the consequences(if any) at inventory side.


Thanks for the advice.

Its normally an absolute amount we discount, although I would be happy to use the % discount but cannot get that to work either.

Anything that results in the Net amount being negative results in an Infolog that says “The sign on the Quantity and Net amount have to be the same”

I cannot put a negative quantity, I get an Infolog - “Quantity may not be negative”

The 2 errors prevent any negative net amount

Can’t you define a Total Sales Order discount instead of a single line discount ?
At what time you print the document you could adjust the layout of report to display the total discount in a line.