Dynamics AX 2012 Quarantine & Pallet tracking issue


I am using AX 2012 and trying to process an item that has an Item Model Group with Quarantine management ticked, also Storage Dimension with Site, Warehouse, Location and Pallet ID ticked.

The process as I understand it is as follows:

Create a Purchase Order for said item, and confirm the order

Create and Arrival Journal in Inventory and Warehouse Management, linking it to the PO created. Click Functions Pallet ID to create the Pallet Transport, then post the Arrival Journal

Start and Complete the Pallet Transport which creates and starts the Quarantine Order.

Report as Finished the Quaratine order asking it to create a new Arrival Journal to move the item from the Quarantine Warehouse to the Main Warehouse.

Go to the Arrival Journal and it will already have a Pallet ID so only need to post it then go to Pallet Transport and see that it is going to move the item to the Picking Location for the item in the Main Warehouse, which is fine by me. Start and Complete the transport.

This should now enable me to go to the first posted arrival journal and click functions product receipt (or go the PO and do Product receipt). However when I do this it gives me an error stating that the Pallet in question is not in the Inbound Dock in my main warehouse and that I should use the move pallet function.

This doesn’t make sense why should it be in the inbound dock I have received and put it through quarantine so it should be put away in picking or bulk location.

I have tried the same process without Pallet ID tracking and it works fine obviously missing the Pallet Transports

Any ideas what I am missing or where I am going wrong.


Hello, I’m having exactly the same issue. I was wondering if you (or anyone else) found a solution for it? Would be great if you could share it. Thanks!


No I never did find a solution without manually transferring the pallet to the location it was looking for which in my mind is rediculous.

If you find a solution please let me know.



Geert and Johnrob, did you have this model working in AX 2009 previously?

Hi, I only started to work with AX2012, so I have no experience with previous releases. I also found another blog on Dynamics Community (https://community.dynamics.com/product/ax/axtechnical/b/axsupchainmang/archive/2012/09/04/ax2012-purchasing-with-advanced-warehouse-management-and-quarantine-management.aspx#comments) that explains this exact same scenario. However, the final steps, i.e. booking the purchase receipt and invoicing, are not explained or documented in that blog. I posted a reply to the author but did not yet get any feedback so far. Thanks for sharing any tips in the mean time…

I have a document for doing this setup in AX 2009, as far as I know this process for quarantine with pallet tracking didn’t change in AX 2012 so if you wish to share an email I will gladly send you this detailed document, I think it could give you the proper tips to follow.

Hi Hector,

That would be great certainly worth a try my e-mail address is john_robinson_12@hotmail.co.uk



Hi Héctor, thanks for the document. I think however that it might have been a bug we bumped into… I just got this feedback from Microsoft:


First of all thank you for taking your valuable time to read and try the described functionality. We are truly appreciate it!

Regarding your question – looks like you hit the know code defect issue, which was fixed as the part of (KB 2691128) and the fix was back ported to Dynamics AX 2009 as well

You can download the fix here http://hotfixv4.microsoft.com/Microsoft%20Dynamics%20AX%202012/nosp/KB2691128/6.0.1108.233/free/445640_intl_i386_zip.exe


I have not yet installed the fix, but hope it will fix the issue.

Thanks for the update Geert!

Hi All, just tested the scenario after applying the cumulative update 3 (KB 2691128 is part of that). Now it works fine!

Great news Geert,

Thanks for the update.