Dynamics AX 2012 Purchase prices


I have a question, isn’t it so that it is possible to set a paramater so you hide the purchase prices for the users in the purchase requisitions?

Regards Johan


Check this path



Same way you can use visible and invisible property.

Hi Johan,

I may be wrong but I didn’t see any standard functionality to achieve this.

But it is very straight forward to achieve by customisation; also I believe the same could be achieved using standard security setup.

Hi Harish,

You are correct I have checked everything and there is no such parameter.

It has to be solved with security or a customisation as you say.

Thanks anyway.


If you are customizing you can do in this way.

Add check box in “purch price” in accounts payable parameters form.

Based on the check box you can do visible and invisible the fields.

you can check standard forms.

This is just work around.If you found any good way you can go ahead with that option.