Dynamics AX 2012 material


I need Dynamics AX 2012 dev pdf.

Can any one give some link to download dev I,II,III,IV books.

Thanks in advance.


Have you searched partnersource?

Thanks for ur reply I will check there.

Or CustomerSource.

Well they are all there on teh first page of the search (search for development ax 2012) This is the download for 1 and 2 -



I was on there for something else so just searched

Dear AdamRoue,

I have tried to search patnersource for the material but all attempts to locate them redirects me to some sure step access denied page. If you don’t mind, kindly search for me the link for Dev III and Dev IV. I’m Desperately in need of them.

Thanks in advance.




I am getting this error when iam posting packing slip (Period 7/22/2012 is not open)

How to set up this problem plz help me…



Open the period in the general ledger under setup.

Make sure you post a new post and not an off topic new thread in an existing post - this way you will get replies.

while if u getting that error that means that fiscal period is not opened. check the status of the period in General ledger> Setup>periods>periods. change the status of the period to opened.

Thanks for the link.

How about EP devepment material for AX 2012.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Ruel,

You can set under GL > Setup > Fiscal Calendar. Here you able to create new period. please share if you able to do so.

imran romlan :slight_smile: