Dynamics AX 2012 : Financial Dimension Set Update Errors

We have a Financial dimension set for the main account that is set to Update balances during the posting process. Despite this users are reporting that when they run a trial balance with the primary financial dimension set of main account in summary level and detail level they are getting different results.

We identified that we were getting deadlock errors when posting transactions from a separate point of sale system into AX. The error was :

Cannot edit a record in Dimension set unprocessed transactions (DimensionFocusUnprocessedTransactions). Financial dimension set: 0.
Deadlock, where one or more users have simultaneously locked the whole table or part of it.

We found a hotfix (2708448 : When you enable “Update balance during the posting process” on Financial Dimension Set, we see the system getting deadlocks.) which we installed. This stopped the deadlocking problem but we are still getting inconsistencies between the Summary and Detailed trial balance. Upon investigating this it appears that some transactions are missing from the summarised data despite the Update balances during the posting process flag being selected. Even more bizarrely the missing transactions were not newly created transactions but were several days old and had been posted prior to the Financial Dimension Set values being rebulit and the summary and detailed trial balances being reconciled.

Has anyone else come across this problem? This is a serious issue for our users as they cannot rely upon the summary trial balance witrhout rebuilding the Financial dimension set balance each time they run the trial balance (Even updating the balance does not apprear to solve the issue)

Listed on the hotfixes for Ax 2012 is 2717490 : Financial dimension set balance rebuild. I am unable to find any additional information on this. Has anyone got any additional information as to the exact problem this reoilves.

Our system information is :

Kernal version : 6.0.947.862

Application version : 6.0.947.280

Thanks and regards

Steve Roberts

Everything you’ve done sounds to me, because he has spent in a deployment that I am currently having installed the CU3, but this time we are analyzing solutions likely, last it that we saw is that is grouping bad seats at the time of assembling the report. For a time supported us much exploiting the reports with Management Reporter, but after installation of the CU3 this we began to fail, if I have news warned, but I’d appreciate any other details that you may have about this behavior.

We are on CU1 and experiencing similar issues. We have unticked Update balances and run as a batch job overnight now. if CU3 doesn’t fix this we may need to go to R2.

edit LedgerTrialBalanceDP.processReportDetail method changing ‘false’ to ‘true’ in the following line of code #define.ExcludeReversed(false) and this will allow reversed transactions to be included in the detail report.

try generate the summary trail balance report, make sure you mark include openning transaction amounts in detail and closing transaction. Posting layer = current. current date = current period. And most important of all, comparison date range, introduce the previous period. and generate de report. apparently it run some update proccess to the data. after i run the report with the mentioned info i begun to have the correct data. :S

im with r2 cu6.

Sorry - how do you do this?

in regards to TM’s response with the true and false code?