Dynamics AX 2012 - Editing data in Custom fields using Excel Add in

is there a way to manipulate data in custom fields of a table using the Excel Add in?

i tried to enter data in a custom field on the CustTable, after publishing the table, the data i have entered in the custom field column disappears and is not imported.

is there anything i need to do to make this work?



problem solved.

Can you please suggest me the solution you did…??

I am facing the same issue.

You’ll likely be able to fix this by making sure the AxBC table classes for your modified table have parm methods for your custom fields.

If you add fields to a table, and that table is part of an AIF service, it is a best practice error to not refresh the service and expose the field.



I am having the same issue, can you tell me how you managed to get custom fields to upload using the Excel add in.