Dynamics AX 2012 - Delete general journal entries


I am having trouble cleaning up my test transactions in dynamics ax 2012. in AX 2009 i used to run SysDatabaseTransDelete class and it would delete all the ledger transactions in the current company. However in AX 2012 this would only delete orders and transaction records appearing on customers and vendors and so on. but the subledger and voucher records remain in GeneralJournalEntry and GeneralJournalAccountEntry tables, as well as the related tables.

is there any way around this?

Please if anyone knows a work around for this update my post.

There is no workaround. Microsofts recommendation due to the shared table and database re-design in AX2012 is to create a template company and start processing with this, then when you get to the end of its use you delete it and then recreate from the template.

Have a look here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa834437

Bit late now you have got to this stage but unfortunately the entire management of databases has altered in AX2012.