Dynamics Ax 2009

Hello everyone,I have to take dynamics system control from my immediate boss,I have background of programming but I am new to dynamics,can you please advice me what kind of action do I need to take.any advice you can give me.

can you make it more clear?

Dear Mr.Kranthi,Thanks for your reply. due to sudden issue company wants me to take responsibility of axapta which is now in hand of another person.so what kind of advice you give me i.e. database server acess,administrator rights etc…any more information you can give

Hi Adnan,

please tell me what kind of advice you require? Do you want to handle Administration part of AX, Database backup maintenance plan, functionality, process alignment as per industry base, data /masters verification etc.

yes administration part of AX as well as Database backup until some other qualified candidate come

Hi Adnan,

Database server - 1) you can take daily full database backup - create maintenance plan for the same in SQL. 2) log file truncation must be carried out - you have to decide schedule for the same as per data consumption. 3) reindexing and synchronizatioin job periodically

AX Administration - 1) if any database log you are putting then it advisable to clear same log periodically. If you want to keep that database log as history then you can copy same data and maintain in seperate excel files at your end. 2) clear users log periodically. 3) maintain user rights with proper user groups 4) if you have concurrent users and named users are different then maintain login timings with autoshutdown in idle cases

above is just sharing some points. still any requirement is there just email me - suvarnakore@hotmail.com