Dynamics AX 2009 SSRS Report TSQL


I am a SSRS developer , I usually develop reports using TSQL against SQL Server databases, and then deploy them to report manager where users can access them.

I have been asked to create reports against AX2009.

can I create a report in SSRS using TSQL against AX 2009.

I want to use visual studio and create a report server project, is this possible.

Thanks in advance

The documentation is here: Creating Reports for Microsoft Dynamics AX in Visual Studio.

I want to write complex T-SQL Queries and not use a report model.

I want to use Report Server Project, the same as any SQL Server reports that I do.

Is there any reason why I cant

has anyone worked with AX2009 using just Tsql , there are a few books out there and they talk about reports using AOT queries, report data provider classes, etc, I worked on a project a year ago and was reporting against a datawarehouse and AX2009 , but they were just simple reports against CustTrans and CustInvoice etc , so I am wondering was I missing something

You surely can write queries and reports against AX database in the same way as against any SQL database, but it’s strongly discouraged. You wouldn’t be able to use AX application logic (companies, display methods, security…) and you would have to re-implement anything needed.