Dynamics Ax 2009 SP1 Binary Only Kernel Patch recommended?

Hi !

By time to time, our team faces some Dynamics Ax 2009 SP1 AOS crashes. From what I read online, it is suggested to update the Ax Kernel (only the kernel, not the full RollUp w/ X++ and objects).

It is recommended that you consider regular installation of Kernel rollups in your Microsoft Dynamics AX environments. We find that many times when a customer is experiencing issues with the AOS that installing the latest Kernel hotfix resolves the issue.

In short, applying the fix with the name “_BinaryOnly”.

Ref : ( https://mbs.microsoft.com/Cms/Templates/document/General.aspx?NRMODE=Published&NRNODEGUID={AA072A8F-AFE5-4461-909C-9DB62F27E771}&NRORIGINALURL=%2Fcustomersource%2Fdocumentation%2Fhowtodocuments%2Fax_aos_resources.htm%3Fprintpage%3Dfalse&NRCACHEHINT=Guest&printpage=false )

Is it something that you do periodically on your production environment? Did it reduces the AOS crashes issues? I want to have some experience stories before adding it to our Ax Production environment maintenance procedure.

Thanks in advances!

Regards, Evans Savard
Developer at Cycles Lambert Inc.