Dynamics Ax 2009 - Forecast Scheduling Issue

I am having a problem with forecast scheduling where every time we run a particular forecast plan/model it locks up the user session. We have tried to delete the plan and recreate it and I have even tried running it directly from the server with no luck. We have let it run for hours and it never completes where as other complete in a minute or two. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or has ran into a similar problem. Also are there any temp tables that this process uses that may need to be cleared?


Hi Matt, I apologize that I can’t answer your question. However, I’m interested in AX Scheduling but I’m having a hard time finding any feedback on it. Would you mind telling me about your experiences with it or can I email you directly? Thank you.

Matt, had you ever found a solution to this problem? It sounds just like the issue we are experiencing in AX 2012.